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Saturday February 4th, 2023


Fresh Catch


8oz filet flown in 2-3x a week, melt in your mouth deliciousness (seriously no joke), rubbed in our house grill seasoning, and grilled to perfection. 51

Mahi Mahi
8oz filet caught from the Pacific Ocean.  This fish is so good that they named it twice. Mahi has smooth flavor and flakey opaque flesh. Pan seared and finished with a sweet chili sauce and fresh mango citrus salsa. 39

Coho Salmon
8oz filet caught from Alaska, Coho has a delicate flavor and large tender flakes. Encrusted with walnuts and rosemary. Finished with a lemon herb beurre blanc. 37

Curry Seafood Pan Roast
2 Sea scallops, 4 Tiger shrimp, lobster meat, black mussels sauteed with garlic, red onions, bell peppers, & broccoli. Tossed in a coconut curry sauce, served with a toasted Voyageur sour dough bread. 42 (no sides)

Featured Steak

20oz Black Angus Porterhouse. Porterhouse is known as the king of all steaks. The tenderloin cooks slightly faster the strip. Rubbed in our house seasoning then grilled to your liking. Topped with broiled gorgonzola and finished with a port wine demi-glace. 50

10oz CAB Hanger steak. Hanger steak is lean and tender like a fillet. More marbling and with a rich flavor, cut against the grain for tender results. Grilled to your liking, simply seasoned with sea salt, & cracked black pepper. Served with fried rice & garlic green beans. Finished with Chinese mustard and citrus soy. 44 (no sides)

Wagyu Ribeye
12oz Prime graded black angus Wagyu ribeye from Rock Hill Farms. Wagyu is a DNA match to Japanese Kobe beef and is known for its exceptional marbling and flavor. Seasoned with sea salt & cracked black pepper and then grilled to your liking. Topped with a lobster compound butter. 68

Braised Ribs
Full rack of braised baby back ribs. Rubbed in our house rib rub and then braised for hours until fall off the bone tender. Glazed with a sweet & spicy BBQ sauce. Served with haystack onions and andouille mac & cheese. (no sides) 34

Entrees served with Garlic Green Beans & choice of one side:

Sweet Pea, Basil, Bacon, & Asiago Risotto
Roasted Red Pepper & Chive Mashed Potatoes
Buttery Cauliflower Rice
Wild Rice Pilaf

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