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Friday, January 15th, 2021



Chilean Sea Bass: 8 oz. flown in fresh 2-3x per week, melt in your mouth deliciousness (seriously no joke), grilled with our house seasonings. 48

Grouper: 8 oz. wild caught from the Atlantic Ocean, grouper has large, chunky flakes, almost like lobster, and a sweet and light flavor. Blackened in a cast iron pan, served with mango cilantro lime salsa, and finished with a blood orange glaze. 36

Halibut: 8 oz. wild caught from Alaska, halibut has flaky flesh and a crisp clean finish. Pan seared and finished with poached lobster butter. 39

Ocean Trout: 8 oz. wild caught, Tasmanian Ocean Trout has a distinctive rosy pink/orange flesh and high omega 6 content. Pan seared topped with a broiled blue crab crust and finished with lemon dill beurre blanc. 35

Featured Steaks: 

Prime New York Strip: 14 oz. cut of black angus prime strip steak rubbed in our maple bacon seasonings and grilled to your liking and finished with caramelized onion bourbon bacon jam. 47

Hanger Steak: 10 oz. cut of CAB hanger steak. Hanger is lean and tender, similar to a filet. Rubbed in our house seasoning, grilled to your liking and topped with hoisin red wine reduction. 39

Osso Bucco: 20 oz. New Zealand lamb shank. Brined for 48 hours in garlic and herbs, then braised for 8 more until fall off the bone tender. Served with choice of sides and then smothered in natural braising liquid and rosemary demi-glace. 37

Cowboy Ribeye: 16 oz. bone in CAB ribeye. We eep the bone in to add extra flavor from marrow that releases when grilled. Rubbed in sea salt and cracked black peppercorns, grilled to your liking, topped with broiled blue cheese, and finished with creamy cabernet wild mushroom reduction. 44

Stuffed Veal Ribeye Chop: 22 oz. bone in veal ribeye stuffed with Italian sausage, wild rice and smoked gouda cheese. Rubbed in our house seasonings, grilled to medium (suggested) and topped with Maitre’s D garlic herb butter. 49

Entrees are served with Roasted Vegetable & your choice of one of the following

  • Wild Mushroom, Chive & Asiago Risotto
  • Roasted Garlic & Dill Mashed Potatoes
  • Bourbon Whipped Sweet Potatoes
  • Wild Rice
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