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Catches:                                                                            Friday February 28th, 2020

Chilean Sea Bass: Fresh from Honolulu, #1 seller for 12 years, 8 oz., house seasonings & grilled. 47

King Salmon:  Fresh, 8oz filet wild caught from Alaska. King is the Cadillac of Salmon known for its buttery texture and robust flavor.  Blackened in a cast iron pan and topped with blackberry gastrique. 36

Mahi Mahi:  8oz wild caught off the coast of Hawaii, Mahi has firm large white flakes with a mild flavor.  Pan seared, topped with citrus coconut crust, and served on top of lobster vegetable sweet potato noodles tossed in toasted sesame sweet chili sauce and avocado rangoons. 35 (no sides)

Halibut:  8oz filet wild caught off the coast of Alaska, Halibut has large delicate white flakey flesh and clean taste. Pan seared and served with a blue crab lemon dill beurre blanc. 37

Feature Steaks:

Prime New York Strip:  14oz Black Angus beef.  Prime is the most sought after cut with only 2% being graded this high.  Rubbed in our house seasonings, grilled to your liking, topped with a soft poached egg and finished with rosemary sauce bearnaise. 40

Cowgirl Ribeye:  16oz bone in CAB ribeye, the fatter outer portion of the ribeye is removed leaving the tender less fatty medallion.  Rubbed in sea salt and cracked black peppercorns, grilled to your liking and served New Orleans Firecracker butter. 42

Wagyu Ribeye:  14oz Ribeye from Baycroft farms.  Wagyu is a 100% DNA match to Japanese Kobe Beef.  It has excellent marbling and melt in your mouth texture.  Rubbed simply with sea salt and cracked black peppercorns, grilled to your liking and topped with bourbon bacon caramelized onion jam. 54

Hanger Steak: 10oz CAB hanger.  Hanger steak is lean and tender with great flavor.  Rubbed in our house seasonings, grilled to your liking and served with truffle wild mushrooms and onions. 37

Lamb Osso Bucco- 18oz lamb shank braised with red wine and veggies until fall off the bone tender.  Served with natural reduction cabernet demi glace. 34


Entrees are served with Grilled Asparagus & your choice of one of the following:

  • Lemon Dill & Asiago Risotto
  • Sour Cream & Horseradish Mashed Potatoes
  • Bourbon Whipped Sweet Potatoes
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