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World Food Championships

Posted on: 11.22.16

Orange Beach, AL November 10-15 2016

Plae Bistro had a great opportunity to travel to Orange Beach Alabama with our Executive Chef Lorie Zilles to watch her compete in the World Food Championships.  Chef Lorie’s category was the Burger category. Chef Lorie won locally Reinhart’s Golden Ticket for Best Burger which moved her on to the WFC.  Chef Lorie competed on November 11th in the opening round of the burger category.  She had 60 minutes to make 6 burgers following their structured guidelines for that burger.  After completing those 6 burgers, she immediately began making 6 more burgers which could be her signature burger, again in a 60 minute window.  There were a total of 50 competitors from all over the world.  This round was then brought down to the top 10 and those would compete again on November 13th.  This competition was very intense with every minute counting.  Chef Lorie did amazing in all aspects of making her burgers and getting them delivered to the judges in time.  We couldn’t more proud of her.  Unfortunately she did not make it through to the next round but she did extremely well.  Lorie ended up within 3 points of the top 10.  We’ve added some pictures of the event.


orange-beach-0015 orange-beach-0036 orange-beach-0034



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